Delete rows on condition vba

Sometimes, when you import information to an worksheet from another workbook, empty rows (because of a formula which returns a '0') or perhaps unwanted information could be imported as well. I make use of the following code to 'clean' the imported data. It is easy to extend and adapt the code to your needs. I will show … Continue reading Delete rows on condition vba


Send information to Excel database

Ever wanted to send information from one workbook to another? After reading this article you will understand how to do so by making use of VBA. Two workbooks are used: Database.xlsx (the file that collects all the information from 2.) Information_send.xlsm (the user file which contains information that has to be send to a (hidden) database.  … Continue reading Send information to Excel database

Excel Coso Heatmap

There are numerous (online) tools available for categorizing, summarizing and analyzing risks in organizations. In this article I will illustrate the power of Excel regarding plotting of risk in one comprehensive Heatmap. This map is one control mechanism which can be used for monitoring key risks. These risks will eventually be reported to senior/ executive leadership or higher levels.